Antivirus software primarily focuses on the actions performed by executable files and makes heuristic-based detections using static signatures. Viruses are constantly evolving, and bypass techniques have largely been ignored. PC Wizard puts a stop to this and makes hackers earn every inch of their access within the networks we protect, regardless of the infection vector.

Preventative security products such as antivirus protect small businesses against most unsophisticated threats. However, the threat landscape is getting more sophisticated with threats that can slip past preventative security measures.

Our Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection system identifies hackers and malware that slip past antivirus and firewalls. This solution consists of two components, an endpoint agent and a cloud-based analysis engine.

fingerprint_black-1024x1024-800x800 Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Endpoint Agent

The agent inventories each application scheduled to automatically start at boot or user login. Metadata on these applications are sent to our analysis engine for inspection. This lightweight design ensures user’s productivity is never hindered by resource intensive processes.

Analysis Engine

The analysis engine aggregates data from the agents and uses our proprietary algorithm to discover malicious outliers in the data. Each persistent application is evaluated using a combination of file reputation, frequency analysis, and other proprietary algorithms. The details of any discovered malicious content are fed into our analysts dashboard, giving our analysts additional data to correlate security events and take immediate action.

engine_black-1024x1024-800x800 Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection
  • Lightweight agent proactively detects threats and never interrupts user productivity
  • Monitors systems whether on-site, at home, or on the go
  • Runs on all recent versions of Windows, both clients and servers (7/2008 and above)
  • Adds an additional layer to security

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