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Don’t worry, the virus can’t hurt you but it can damage more than you think…

Spyware & viruses can infect your computer and cause issues ranging from frozen computers to stolen credit card numbers.

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When it comes to virus and malware removal, each computer is different.

We don’t just remove the culprits, we take the extra steps that keep our customers, not only happy, but also keeps them as customers. Normally a Virus/Malware removal will take at least a full day; the PC Wizard will do it in hours, not days!

We remove unwanted services and malicious files. We scan the computer with several programs, each specifically designed to do a specific job. Most programmers think the programs they create are special and you will use them so often that they have to start with the computer. While the program may be the best thing sliced bread, they don’t always need to start with your computer. This “check” can increase your speed, even if you don’t have viruses.

We also clean and defragment the registry, making it more efficient.

We also remove PUP’s (Probably Unwanted Programs), things such as Toolbars that slow down the speed of Web Browsers, programs that piggy back in on software you actually wanted.

Temporary file removal. At times a Windows PC may become cluttered with temporary files taking up hard drive space and reducing system performance. Temporary files are stored on your computer from virtually all actions performed. Sometimes the installation of a new application or surfing the Internet can populate the temporary files directed with an abundance of unwanted files. Cleaning up these files will free up hard drive space while increasing performance at the same time.

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Virus removal process

1. Inspect your computer

We inspect your computer and determine the virus, adware, trojan, or other infection. We search for where they are located in the system.

2. Manually removing infections

After determination, we will manually remove all detected infections. This may be by removing it from Windows directories or other folders as well as the registry and start-up entries. Manual removal process will encompass many actions: running special utilities, deleting infected files, anti-virus scans, and an extensive testing process.

3. Prevent future infection

Removing process may take one to several hours, depending on the number of viruses and nature of the infection. After that, we will install anti-virus software so you are protected going forward.

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